Do not choose this lender especially for a new purchase home loan. As a qualified borrower, we re-fin a property in Jan, 2012, and then re-fin another property in Mar. through another lender, yet this one dramatically ruined my new purchase in Feb. 2012!

My contract shows that I have to close the escrow before Mar. 2, 2012, yet Fremont Bank approved my loan on Mar. 9th- the entire process took 41 days, which made me loss the good faith funds, home inspection fee, and appraisal fee, plus a 100 hours became a waste!

Working with Fremont Bank was a nightmare, drained out your energy to everyone involved including my realtor, seller, my insurance agent... Like someone said they don't care of your deadlines; they keep requesting the same documents which had already submited for "N" times; they constantly required some unrealistic, unreasonable, and rediculous evidence, such as the UW required to activate the flood insurance immediately prior the loan approval, which against the government rule that ALL new flood policies have to wait for a 30 days period... it means NOBODY can meet her requirement at all.

In this way, they killed the transaction wasting my precious time and energy as well as putting that lovely house to a court house auction foreclosure.

My terrible experience tells that DO NOT use this inprofessional, inefficient and careless bank as your next lender. Be aware!

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Los Angeles, California, United States #709342

fremont agreed to do short sale, buyer backed out day of closing fremont foreclosed next day no warning

Hayward, California, United States #678092

I wish I had read your post before I started my home buying process with them.They lured us in with the zero closing cost, etc.

etc. but same as you the process was a NIGHTMARE, also requesting the same documents multiple times.

The home we were buying was a brand new complex, still being built, they put the selling agent and builders thru so much requirements - things no one had ever required before.We closed a month later than scheduled because of them.

San Jose, California, United States #639338

A nightmare of an experience with Fremont Bank. They easily qualified me for a refinance on-line and took my money and then I find out that I couldn't qualify and trying to get my money back wasn't as quick as the on-line, "everything looks good experience". Yes, there rates are low, and everyone qualifies on paper, just so they take your money!

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